Big News for 2014!

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  • 5 February, 2014
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On a cold, overcast weekend in January, your Short Run organizers — Kelly, Eroyn, & Janice — boarded a ferry for Friday Harbor with one goal in mind: create a plan for Short Run 2014! There was lots of caffeine involved, lots of notes, pie charts, dead batteries, and Cheez-Its. There may have been tears. And once it was all said and done, we came back to the city, hopped up on sugar, and with the following news to share:

Mark Your Calendars
Saturday, November 15th

at Washington Hall

Yes, we’re excited to continue our partnership with the beautiful, historic Washington Hall, and from the feedback we heard from our guests and exhibitors, you’ll be excited by that, too. But wait, there’s more. From henceforth, Short Run shall be known as:

Seattle Comix & Arts Festival

As micro-publishers continue to expand their reach, and bigger publishers are putting out work by small press superstars, we’ve decided to open our festival up to “longer runs,” so to speak! Our focus will always be on independent publishing, and we will continue to curate a show that represents everything from the hardbound graphic novel to the photocopied zine. We also plan to continue presenting an amazing selection of independent literature, performance art, animation, and more.

And with that said, here’s our final announcement for 2014:

Short Run welcomes international guests!

We have been so inspired by our work with The Seattle Globalist, and by last year’s panel on the World of Comix, that we want to continue to explore artists from other countries, and introduce them to our amazing culture of comics in Seattle. Stay tuned, we will have lots more to share about that very soon.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive of Short Run. Every year we are excited to make our festival even better!

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