Short Run Presents GRIDLORDS June 21st in Seattle

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  • 15 May, 2014
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As part of Short Run’s ongoing mission to celebrate the Northwest comics scene, we are honored to present a very special performance from Portland’s Gridlords in Seattle on Saturday, June 21st at Gallery 1412 in the Central District.

This special evening marks the very first time the Portland-based performance troupe has appeared outside of their hometown. Founded in 2012 by artist Sean Christensen and his co-conspirator Emily Nilsson, the group emerged from Portland’s underground art comics community to present performance and experimental narrative arts in a live setting. Their wildly inventive sets include everything from lectures by artists, animation, performance art, comic readings and music performance.

On this particular summer evening, starting at 7:00 PM, Christensen will present Gridlords #23, what he calls, “a form closest yet to his ultimate vision for Gridlords.” It will be Gridlords as a Gridlords meta-play. Attendees will be invited into “Sean’s Room,” where he, full of anxiety and passion, tries to put together the “ultimate show” as he invites the cast, one by one, into the performance. For Seattle-ites, the material is all new, but the show will combine Gridlords performances of the past, all presented like a flashback episode from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

Will the show be a success? “It already was,” says meta-James Murphy (leader of the now-defunct LCD Soundsystem). Now, stop making sense, and remain in the light!

gridlordsotherworlds Tickets are available in two packages: $7 for admission-only, or $20 for admission, plus a bonus fun pack containing the Gridlords anthology, Other Worlds (a $10 value), as well as other comics, original artwork, and more from artists involved in the show. Tickets are available online at Brown Paper Tickets, and at the door.

Gallery 1412 is located at 1412 18th Ave, between Union and Pike, in the Central District neighborhood of Seattle. The gallery is across the street from TT Minor Middle School, and next door to the Tuogo Coffee Shop.

This satellite event is held in advance of our annual Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, which will be held this year on Saturday, November 15th at Washington Hall in the Central District.

Gridlords #23 features these brilliant minds/performances along with a supporting cast of artists frequently contributing to the warmth of Gridlords.

Andrice Arp
Andrice Arp will be presenting an inspirational film showing her artist process, directed by Sean Christensen A.B.T. The film will be accompanied by live music performed by Tina Ensemble. Andrice will also be performing her parable multimedia puppet experience of her new comic Occupation.

Andrice Arp: “At this time in my life, I feel sometimes like I’m holding back a wall behind which there’s a pile of regrets that will crush me if I let the wall fall in. They mostly have to do with things I haven’t done and time I’ve wasted. I asked my friend, the Motivational Speaker Sean Christensen A.B.T., to help me with efficiency. What I wanted was to be reminded that every free moment is a choice point. I can choose to work, or I can choose to take a break, but my goal is to spend a lot less time not choosing. He started by asking me to film my daily activities in time lapse. Sean wants me to believe that time is more open and free than I currently do, and that there is more of it than I think there is, which at first seems counterproductive to my goal, which is to remind myself that every moment is consequential and should not be wasted. But I have the feeling that he knows what he’s doing, and even if he doesn’t, I’m learning valuable things. Two things that filming my activities in time lapse has done, so far, are to make me feel like everything I’m doing is more important, and, as you might expect, to make me feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Never mind that that’s not true! I’m pretty sure that’s beside the point.”

Theo Ellsworth
Ellsworth is a self-taught artist and storyteller living in the mountains of Montana with a witch doctor, their son, and a slightly evil cat. He developed his art while wandering the United States in a motor-powered vehicle. He is uncommonly fond of clouds, monsters, trees, and impossible objects. He is prone to fits of whimsy, and his mind is filled with preposterous notions, yet he still manages to come across as semi-normal. He spends as much time as possible making comics, art zines, and imaginary phenomenon.

Asher Craw
Asher Z Craw is a mythologist, bringing to the page the nagging feelings that have been dogging your steps. He will be presenting with The Crone Craw a multimedia selection of works, the title for the evening (and your only warning) is “you don’t have a body.” It includes selections from the “best mini-comic of 2013″ Zebadiah & Hungry Summer (Sparkplug Books).

Daria Tessler
Born in Finland and raised in Los Angeles, Daria Tessler currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she draws and screenprints characters of all shapes and sizes who adventure through jumbled, mysterious worlds. Daria will be presenting a live performance/reading of a new long format comic not yet available to the world. The comic, set in a fantasy world. is the noir-style story of a bank heist gone wrong and the shadowy violent turmoil that ensues, commingled with plenty of alchemical hi-jinx.

Ross Jackson
Ross Jackson likes to write stuff, mostly comics and rap songs. The rap songs are about fantastic jewelry and the apocalypse. The comics are about love, obsession, slime and stuff that makes him giggle. He lives in Portland, OR where he’s enrolled in the IPRC’s Comics Certificate Program. He’ll be presenting a new story about a group of friends who find a mask called “Way Out Here.” Ross has an entourage band of brilliant cartoonists to realize his world in performance — THE ROSS JACKSON 4: Amanda Englund, Sam Szabo, Andrew Pannell & Jade Novarino.

Zach Erickson
Zach Erickson likes experimenting with paper cut-outs from drawings or books, and making short sequences with audio. Erickson uses a three-layered glass table for animating which gives him three dimensions of depth for each layer. Erickson is inspired by low-fi ’70s and ’80s synth sounds and creepy sci-fi absurd funny imagery.

Mediums (Elysia Avery Nason, Daria Tessler, Sean Christensen A.B.T. & Aaron Dischner)
These four artists are presenting a space disco opera. Through sound and vision, we follow three beings caught in a cosmic net who seem to have some connected purpose. What does space, and time, and fate hold for them in the homunculus? We will find out in the dance.

Lillie Craw
Lillie Craw is a reformed mean girl from Long Island. Highlights of her career include Girl Scout camp in the Hamptons and, more recently, a residency at Beverly Cleary School in Portland. Her poetry has appeared in SP CE, and she attends Portland State University where she is working toward a Master of Education degree. Lillie loves the Gridlords even though they don’t own any couture. She is married to comics artist Asher Craw.

Alex Chiu
The world that I create is a world full of bubbly eyed creatures that dance and play. There isn’t supposed to be a deep meaning or purpose behind it. It is what it is. My characters float around wielding daggers, they talk about poop, and they vomit a lot. I don’t want them to worry about life. I want them to play and dance and be happy.

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